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This page provides a German full form dictionary with about 90,000 base forms and 431,000 full forms (inflected forms). Each full form comes with full morphological information.

  • internal link to full form dictionary 2011-07-22 (25MB, encoding: UTF-8)full form dictionary 2011-07-22 (25MB, encoding: UTF-8) (internal link to original version from Morphy without extensionsoriginal version from Morphy without extensions). Here's an example of the XML format:
      <lemma wkl="SUB" kas="GEN" num="SIN" gen="NEU">Auto</lemma>
      <lemma wkl="SUB" kas="NOM" num="PLU" gen="NEU">Auto</lemma>
      <lemma wkl="SUB" kas="GEN" num="PLU" gen="NEU">Auto</lemma>
      <lemma wkl="SUB" kas="DAT" num="PLU" gen="NEU">Auto</lemma>
      <lemma wkl="SUB" kas="AKK" num="PLU" gen="NEU">Auto</lemma>

    This means that the full form "Autos" is a neuter (gen="NEU") noun (wkl="SUB") that has five different readings: singular genitive (kas="GEN") and plural nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative (kas="NOM" etc). The lemma (base form) of each reading is "Auto". The tags' full documentation can be found in the external link to <em>Download</em> section on the Morphy homepageDownload section on the Morphy homepage.

    This version has been extended to contain variants introduced with the German spelling reform of 1996, mostly affecting a lot of words with "ß" that are now to be spelled with "ss" (e.g. Kuss instead of Kuß).

  • internal link to lemmatizer data as csv file (1.2MB)lemmatizer data as csv file (1.2MB): a list of all full forms mapped to their base forms. Examples: Autos -> Auto, absahnte -> absahnen, minutiösem -> minutiös
    You can import this data into a MySQL table called 'word_mapping' with two VARCHAR columns like this:
    LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/path/to/morphy-mapping-20110717.latin1'
    REPLACE INTO TABLE word_mapping

Contact me at naber(at)danielnaber.de if you need help.

The data is originally extracted from external link to MorphyMorphy, a Windows software from the 1990s.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag Published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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