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logfile analysis


Have Perlfect Search running on your homepage and you're curious what people search for? Then use this script to get a simple top 10 list of search terms.

logstat.zip, 3KB. Optionally download a simple HTML template that the script will use to print its results if it's called as a CGI script (i.e. not from command line).

The script accpets these kinds of files:

  • The web server logfile. It's a text file whose lines look like this: - - [01/Sep/2003:22:47:30 +0200] "GET /cgi-bin/search/search.pl?p=1&lang=en&q=test HTTP/1.1" 200 3429
    Please ask your web hosting company how you can access these files.
  • The Perlfect Search logfile log.txt: this needs to be explicitly activated by setting $LOG = 1; in conf.pl. The log will be written to data/log.txt, so you'll have to make sure that this file exists and that it can be written to by your web server.

Note hat this search log analyzer does a different job than the common logfile analyzer: it looks for terms that people enter in the search box on your homepage, so it only makes sense if you have Perlfect Search running on your homepage and if you can access the logfiles. Common logfile analyzers look for terms that people entered in Internet search engines like Google when your pages were matched.

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