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tree.pl walks through a directory and builds a HTML list of all files. The files' title tags are taken as the linked text, and if there is no title tag, the filename is used. The result looks like this:

example output on the left

You can use tree.pl as a normal command line application (e.g. via shell or via crontab). It also works as a CGI script (but if you have many files tree.pl will get too slow to use it as a CGI). tree.pl's output should always be valid XHTML.

Requirements: tree.pl requires a meaningful structure of subdirectories, otherwise the generated tree will not make much sense. If you are going to list HTML files, they need good title tags.

License: tree.pl is freely available under the GPL.


Save one of the following files to your computer. Unpack it and open tree.pl using a text editor. tree.pl contains configuration information which you will have to modify. To modify the look of the generated sitemap, modify tree-template.html. More documentation can be found in the README.

Security warning: versions 2.0.5 and below had a security bug. Do not use these versions as a CGI application, i.e. dot not set $conf::cgi = 1. This problem is fixed in 2.0.6.

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