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Perlfect Search is a small yet powerful search engine written in Perl. Here are some patches that are not (yet?) included in the official version (currently at version 3.31). You can download these patches here if you need that feature or bugfix and you don't want to wait for the next official release. As Perlfect Search itself, the patches are provided under the GPL.

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How to get the Perlfect Search source from CVS

Current patches:

  • php_search2.txt (php_search2.zip, in case you cannot download the .txt file), added 2004-02-16
    A wrapper to call Perlfect Search via PHP, written by Michael Heim. If the simple version below doesn't work for you try this one. It tries to work around a PHP bug and should be more robust. Download it and change the file's suffix to .php. More instructions on how to use it are in the file itself.
  • php_search.txt (php_search.zip, in case you cannot download the .txt file), updated 2003-03-13
    A very simple wrapper to call Perlfect Search via PHP. Download it and change the file's suffix to .php. More instructions on how to use it are in the file itself.
  • lang.diff by Stephen White, added 2003-01-31
    With this patch the user's preferred language will be used for the result page, i.e. the language that's configured in his browser (only if no lang attribute is set, and if a template for that language exists, of course).
  • Phrase search (2002-12-21, against version 3.30):
    Patch: phrase_search.diff
    With phrase search you can use quotes to search for phrases, e.g. a search for "web browser" (including the quotes!) will only find files that contain the word web followed by the word browser. Note these restrictions of this patch:
    • Your index files (i.e. the files in the data directory) will take about 3 times as much space as before.
    • The inclusion/exclusion of words with +/- does not work.
    • This patch does not work together with the joker patch.
  • search_joker.diff (v3.30), updated 2002-04-09,
    With this patch/file Perlfect Search supports * as a joker, but it does only work with "Match all words". "-" will be ignored. The * can be used anywhere in the term, not just at the end. If you have many documents, this will make searching much slower.
  • null-suffix-phone-numbers.diff, by Mark Morgan Lloyd <markMLl.out@telemetry.co.uk>, added 2000-11-05
    Enables you to index files without a suffix and tries to recognize phone numbers to index them. This patch applies to 3.10, you'll have to update manually to use it with the latest version.

How to use the diffs:
Change to the directory with your Perlfect Search installation and enter:
patch <foobar.diff

Problems downloading the patches?
The *.diff files are plain text files, so you can use right mouse button, then "Save link as..."

Some older patches have been removed from this page. You should update to the latest version of Perlfect Search.

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