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This is a list of old projects. Note that these may not be actively maintained anymore.

  • Loook - simple search tool for OpenOffice.org files
  • tree.pl - perl script that builds a sitemap
  • Perlfect Search patches - patches for the search engine
  • wn2ooo - script to convert WordNet data to an OpenOffice.org 2.x thesaurus
  • DesktopDig desktop search engine for KDE
  • httpmanage simple version control and upload script written in PHP
  • KOffice Thesaurus Here are two screenshots of the thesaurus I've written for KOffice 1.2. The data of the thesaurus is based on a subset of WordNet. The thesaurus can be accessed in KWord by clicking the right mouse button on a word and selecting "Show related words".
    Screenshot 1, the thesaurus that comes with KOffice
    Screenshot 2, the frontend to a local WordNet installation
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